2 page discussion about international trade theory

Topic: International trade theory – After you have read the literature posted under unit two, the assignment is to write a two (2) page paper discussing your understanding and controversies related to the topic. As you write, choose a country that trades with the United States. What is it that we trade with this country, why do we trade for it, what would life be in America without this product? Are we able to make this product ourselves? If so, what would it cost? Is this trade a result of absolute or comparative advantages? If trade was stopped, what would happen to the country and its people who trade with America? First of all, you will have to show you have read the readings and some additional sources. This does not mean to just quote from all the material, but go beyond that in presenting/discussing the arguments made in each reading. I would like your informed opinions included in the paper.

Additional Research – Demonstrate that you have done additional Internet research on this topic by including three additional cited sources in your paper. By this, I mean three sources beyond the readings I listed in the Course Documents link. Proper citing of these sources in the narrative of your paper is required. Two pages, double spaced, not including Title or Works Cited Page. This means the paper should be 600-750 words. As with all papers prepared for this course, content in individual papers is expected to be supported by globally acknowledged, peer-reviewed, refereed research citations and sources. All written submissions should adhere to APA standards for writing, formatting, and citations/references.

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